The Intergroup Representative

Much like a G.S.R. a Intergroup Representative (IGR) is the link between your home group, district and the whole of A.A., the IGR is the link between your home group and the Intergroup which serves in a particular region or area in A.A.  At Intergroup meetings you band together with other IGR’s to help alcoholics in your locality which can extend much farther than a single group.  With fellow IGR’s you attend Intergroup meetings, elect Intergroup Officers and maintain group contact with the Intergroup.  Since you are in contact with other groups you bring back to your group news of upcoming local and regional A.A. events.  And, relating to Tradition Seven you work with your group treasurer to remind your group of its part in keeping all of A.A. self-supporting.  You explain the importance of financial support of your Intergroup, District, Area Committee and G.S.O.