Frequently Asked Questions

• Volunteer to answer Twelve Step calls.
• Volunteer to represent his/her group as an Intergroup Representative.
• Check to see that his/her group is donating to WK Intergroup in accordance with A.A. guidelines (see A.A. pamphlet F-3, Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix).

• Volunteers to answer the hotline.
• Volunteers to answer twelve step calls.
• A representative from each group to participate in WK Intergroup governance.
• Donations to cover our expenses.

Please call 800-606-6047 to arrange pick up for AA literature or other merchandise. We are currently in the process of establishing hours at our new location and they will be announced shortly.

The Intergroup Office is located at:

615 South 12th Street Suite J
Murray KY 42071

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