Frequently Asked Questions

• Volunteer to answer Twelve Step calls.
• Volunteer to represent his/her group as an Intergroup Representative.
• Check to see that his/her group is donating to WK Intergroup in accordance with A.A. guidelines (see A.A. pamphlet F-3, Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix).

• Volunteers to answer the hotline.
• Volunteers to answer twelve step calls.
• A representative from each group to participate in WK Intergroup governance.
• Donations to cover our expenses.

Saturday, Sunday & All Holidays:  11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Available by appointment also if the above hours aren’t convenient.
Call us to make an appointment 1-800-606-6047

The Intergroup Office is located at:

6804 US Hwy. 641 North
Gilbertsville, KY 42044