Meeting Guide App

Wouldn’t it be great to have an app to help find A.A. meetings nearby, wherever you are? We think so! This project is a first step in that direction.

The Need for a Global Database

It can be a hassle to find A.A. meetings. First, you have to find the website for your area. If you’re near a border, it might not be clear which website has the closest meetings. Sometimes the site, app or printed guide you’re looking at is out of date. Or perhaps it’s not even the ‘official’ list.

It’s worse if you’re traveling, because you probably have limited time, local knowledge, and transportation options. Once you find the right list, you might find it’s in an unfamiliar format, and grouped by unfamiliar neighborhoods.

For newcomers, finding a meeting can be daunting when they encounter unclear terminology, such as meeting codes, that require prior knowledge of the program.

Sometimes these sites are not formatted properly for mobile devices. Most A.A. websites get more than twice as many visitors from handheld devices as from traditional PCs.

This project is an attempt to standardize meeting information so that it’s always readily available on your device, up to date, and clearly and consistently formatted. Additionally, the apps provide tools such as easy links to driving directions and tools to share meetings by email or text message.

How It Works

Meeting information changes constantly. This system updates its database by scanning the latest information from compatible official area websites twice daily. There are over 60,000 meetings currently in the system.

Download the Meeting Guide App below: