10:00 AM Paducah Morning Group Brown Street Club 1397 Irvin Cobb Dr Paducah District 02 Closed, Discussion
Noon Gratitude Hour Ken-Bar Lodge 7711 US-641 Gilbertsville Closed, Discussion
6:00 PM East End Group Fourth Dimension Building 413 S Main St Hopkinsville District 26 Big Book, Closed, Wheelchair Access
6:00 PM Murray Group Women Southside Shopping Center - Suite J 615 S 12th St Murray District 33 Closed, Discussion, Women
6:00 PM Acceptance Group West Kentucky Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services 120 N 9th St Mayfield District 02 Closed, Discussion
6:30 PM Kitchen Table Womens Group St. Peter's of the Lakes 47 Black River Rd Gilbertsville District 33 Closed, Discussion
7:00 PM The Choice Group Broadway Methodist Church 701 Broadway St Paducah District 02 Closed, Discussion
7:00 PM Shared Serenity Group First Presbyterian Church 706 Jefferson St Paducah District 02 Closed, Discussion