Meeting Closures


Mar 13, 2020

We have added a new page specifically for listing of meeting closures and cancellations. Please check this page regularly over the following days. If you know of a group that isn’t meeting currently please send an email to thank you for your time.

Most if not all meetings in Western Ky have been postponed. Many AA’s are turning to online meeting tools. GSO has put a video on YouTube on their AA Grapevine channel outlining how to start and run an online meeting using Zoom. If you have experience with this tool, or are willing to host a meeting at a scheduled time please contact the Intergroup @

If you are really struggling and need someone to talk to, or are willing to leave your phone number as a contact the West Ky Intergroup phone number is 1-800-606-6047.

AA also has an online Intergroup with lists of online meetings